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As work and talent demands shift quickly, you need staffing & workforce solutions for your evolving needs. We were built for this moment.

The Talent Gap

How do you find the right talent for the right task?
Managing staff is increasingly complex. Often you need a mix of full, part-time, contingent and consultancy staff.

Our 2022 study of professional services decision-makers​ revealed that most teams are using a MINIMUM of 3 solutions at any given time and yet they STILL struggle to keep pace with demand.

Location, timing, market shifts, cultural barriers – all play a significant role in seeking & keeping talent. Building a comprehensive, agile talent plan is difficult for people leaders today.

The Great                

How do we keep those we most seek IN the workforce?
We’ve gone from The Great Resignation to The Great Reset to what we call The Great Awakening.

Folks are reevaluating their relationships with work. As a result, independent workers are the fastest-growing segment of our labor force and will eclipse employees within 5 years.

This preference for non-traditional work is an innovation drain, as under-represented voices are migrating faster out of the labor pool. Since companies with more diverse teams have 19% higher revenues due to innovation, we are losing those we most seek.

We recognize this moment as a crisis-tunity, opening a continuum of work engagement options.

Doing More With Less

Today’s economic realities mean a tremendous tax on the people left in our workplaces. We call these folks “unicorns” and praise their ability to multitask as the stakes get higher. But the burnout is real.

Now almost 80% of employers are increasing their use of freelancers. This on-demand workforce is a risk-reduced approach to pressured P&Ls, offering critical capacity to keep getting work done.

That capacity might be the difference between an employee staying or going, as attrition can cost an organization between 1.5-2x an employee’s salary to replace them.

We Were Built
For This Moment

You need a partner who can harness these forces & build a strategy to emerge from The Great Awakening stronger. We’ve designed a culture operating system called “Highest & Best Use” that aligns business needs, distributed talent, work operations & success measurements to deliver outcomes at scale – without losing your humanity.

Lions & Tigers is a unique business partner because we support organizations at every level – from operational to transformational. We build blended workforces.

This is the Future Now of Work.

A Word From
Our Clients

The views L&T put together and the scrubbing work they do provides our leadership team a level of visibility, clarity and detail that enables true precision and transparency during planning seasons, as well as any mid-year investment review processes…The investment in this team has been worth it and without this kind of support, teams are going to spend a lot more in the long run.

Walied Zaki, Finance Director

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