Our Culture of Belonging

We are motivated by building economic access. The momentum we can generate by how we act in our day-to-day is exponential. 

DEI antiracist

Anti-Racist Organization

As a company born from exclusion of women and mothers in the workforce, we empathize with discrimination, but acknowledge that as a majority white team we do not have the lived experiences to understand the weight of all forms of discrimination. We know that sympathy or generalized empathy alone will not move us forward in eradicating systemic racial injustice.

To be an ally for sustainable change, we committed to building an anti-racist organization by making systems changes within our organization.

We partnered with Kimfer Flanery-Rye to implement the ‘IDEA: Inclusion = Diversity + Equity + Accessibility’ framework, building our culture from the inside out.

DEI Council

Our DEI Council is made up of consultants who applied and were selected to serve as an advisory council for our Leadership Team.

The Council’s main objectives are:

Inclusion at Work

We launched a DEI Program Operations team to work across functional teams to build, scale and oversee DEI initiatives.

  • 75 recommendations were made from scrubbing resumes for bias to addressing website accessibility and more.
  • As of Q1 2023, 40 of those line items have been addressed with more work continuing this year.
  • In a recent survey conducted by our teams, 94% of our team believes Lions & Tigers is committed to DEI and 98% feel respected and valued by their manager.

Every client benefits from our investment, learnings and best practices which influence the culture, talent, service and product we bring to each engagement.

Under-represented Voices

Lifting up under-represented voices takes shape in a myriad of ways.

  • It starts with our own hiring. 27% of our team self-identifies as people of the global majority and 77% women; we are woman-owned WBENC certified business.
  • We advocate for and help design fair labor policies, ensuring transparency and equity.
  • We partner with and procure from diverse suppliers.

Our clients praise the diversity of our team and our approach to fostering community.

Caretakers &
The Workplace

As a mama-founded business, we understand the pressures and benefits of navigating caregiving and work.

  • 74% of the workforce identifies as a caretaker – and growing.
  • Our partner Amy Henderson, founded TendLab to help employers realize the skills acquired in parenting are distinctly needed in the future of work.

Forging paths for caretakers at work isn’t an accommodation, it’s a strategic advantage.

People & Planets

Inclusivity goes beyond who has a seat at the table. It’s about fostering relationships and improving the communities around you. It’s also about making our impact on the environment for future generations. Here are a few of our efforts on this front.

  • In 2022, we doubled our year-over-year charitable giving.
  • L&T employees earn up to $500/year serving their preferred non-profit.
  • Targeting carbon zero by 2025.

Values-aligned with our clients and team, we prioritize investment into our people & planet for the greater good.


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